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March 2024
March 21, 2024
Kalan.FrFr with Special Guest
Show Starts:
8:00 pm
Show End:
11:00 pm
Doors will open approximately 30minutes prior to show start time.
Entry Fee:
and up allowed
About the Show and the Artist:

Show 8pm

GA tickets are standing room only, with very limited seating available first come, first served. 




Kalan.FrFr’s emphasis on keeping things real has propelled his career from the beginning. He has risen to prominence in the saturated Los Angeles music scene blurring the lines between rapper and singer, thoughtfulness, and turn-up.

Consistent support from friends and family helped Kalan.FrFr (Forreal Forreal) build his self-confidence through the success of his two 2018 projects, Hurt and TwoFr. The former was a therapeutic project telling Kalan’s own story that listeners deeply related to, while TwoFr showed that Kalan could be the life of the party. The single “Fine Ass” gained traction in the streets and helped expand his brand to become a favorite with the ladies as he charms them with promises of life’s luxuries and a good time.

That same free spirit is exemplified on his debut album, TwoFr 2. The creative process has changed little, except now Kalan has more resources to pull from including, beat selections and life experiences.

“That’s the whole point of me being Kalan.FrFr, you’re going to get what’s real from me,” he shares. “The experiences are gonna change, I’ve grown, I’ve been through a lot more.”

The lead single “Scoring” is a bouncy party track while “I Gotta Kno” shows Kalan’s reflective side, analyzing his life purpose over a piano-laced soundscape. “Hoochie Hoochie” is twerktastic, and “No Love” is signature West Coast with tales from the streets woven into groovy  

production from Cypress Moreno while hard-hitting “Get In” with Stunna 4 Vegas is sure to make noise.

Kalan got into music at an early age, playing a handful of instruments growing up, but had a dream to play in the NFL, as any young boy does. He got a scholarship to play defensive back at San Diego State University, but never got the chance to shine like he wanted to. His hardships culminated when an interception was called back, in the Mountain West Championship game. The writing was on the wall for his football days.

His transition to music was not easy as he knew the rap game is just as uncertain as a professional football career. But he kept the next-play mentality that he learned as an athlete to power himself forward.

“Music and football are kind-of one and the same,” he says. “So going into music, it was just like all those times I was told no or I was shut down, closed the door on, I could be able to accept that and move on and keep going.”

In his time at college, Kalan received his degree in social science to help kids with special needs. He is a supporter of the Special Olympics, and one-day dreams to open up schools and resource centers for kids with autism and other disabilities.

He hopes to use his music to continue building his platform toward this goal as he carries the words his grandmother gave him to keep his light shining.